Michael's Background

Making new waves in event organizing both in and out of the school, this young man has truly indeed become a household name. Hopping from one party to another sure makes him popular and highly respected. The parties he set up are remarkable in ways that are only left to the imagination. With visions of a true expert and eye for perfection, Michael Ho is able to whip up a spectacular show to the delight of esteemed customers, audiences and participants. He furnishes only the best parties in the city with his unique sense of style, innovative ideas and his never-ceasing subtle hint of glamour. He is hailed among his peers and even highly respected among professionals by the ingenuity of his event organizing. He has become one of the most sought-after events organizers who has the unmistakable talent of bewitching his customer's dream, not merely a figment of the imagination, but a reality.

This young man has started making a name for himself even in his high school days. His success as a wonderful events organizer at present is attributed to the various class parties he spearheaded with his fellow classmates. It was in senior year when Michael Ho began to set up successful and raving parties such as Halloween Party '05, Retro Christmas Party '05 and Kiddie Farewell Party '06. His talents were not a secret, it was long been known by the whole school populace, but his newfound flair for events organizing was one thing. It then dawned on Michael that he can use his gift as well as love for events organizing for a living. It became the start of his career as an events organizer while juggling school demands on the other hand, a quite impressive feat for a teenager of his age. 

His numerous successful events organized reached thirteen to date. Four of these events were high school-related such as the above-mentioned three (Halloween Party '05, Retro Christmas Party '05 and Kiddle Farewell Party '06) and Black and White Reunion Christmas Party '06. Five other events were mostly debutantes' balls includingBohemian Party of Nerika Danielle Verdejo, Runway Party of Abigail Dy, Fashion Launching of Nikki Makapugay, another Runway Party of Vanessa Roa and Greecian Party: Night at the Parthenon of Althea Gerona. The other four were Spring Wedding of the Klarsfields, Bakugan Kiddie Party19th Birthday Bash of Jam Diamante andLaunching of New Image of Fashion.

Michael Ho tries to cater to his customer's demands for the events they wanted. His pricing rates vary depending on the size, details and location of the said event. However, he strives to give the best party of each and every one of his client at a very affordable rate. 

Michael Ho is truly extraordinary and notable events organizer at a tender age. He has a promising future in the field of events organizing. There is no doubt that one day people see him gracing the airbrushed pages of a magazine hailed as one of Philippines' best events orgainzer. His visions, artistic sense and creativity surely transform the eveyone's ideal into something more real. There is no doubts, qualms, and disappointments when it's Michael Ho's spell touch your life-changing moments.

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Lyn's Background

Lyn maybe at the other end of the spectrum of Michael’s flamboyant and gregarious personality, but it is exactly this introspective quality that compliments her highly esteemed partner.

As a child, Lyn has always been the quiet- type – shy and sometimes aloof.  Her world mostly revolved around trinkets of sorts, or anything she could get her hands on to satisfy the cravings of her imagination. For her, art is but an avenue for self-expression, naturally designed to channel one’s passion. Her eye for aesthetics is the core of her fervor for decorating; she sees beauty amidst chaos, envisioning the countless possibilities and potential of a particular place. Coupled with her aptitude for spatial geometry, Lyn can transform any unappealing section into any customer’s dream space.

Moreover, Lyn has a deep sense of commitment and the eagerness to please, thus clientelle satisfaction is always guaranteed. Alongside Michael Ho, several events have been conceptualized and brought into fruition, adding to her portfolio, a Black Party for ANJ Villamor on her 25th Birthday, a Rainbow-Themed Reception for Lim-Ong’s Silver Wedding Anniversary, a Red Reception for the Sescons’ 25th Wedding Anniversary and an Arabian-ThemedParty for Cecil Chen’s 50th Birthday, all in 2010. The latter has been featured in the October 2010 issue of zee lifestyle magazine.

Lyn maybe mistaken for naïve, but she is a budding artist in the field of events organizing – reflective, dedicated and hardworking. You will surely receive your money’s worth because to her, your delight in her works of art is of primary importance.

Author: Patrick E. B. Neri